Lotion is also known as toner, toner, it can be said that toner can be said to be used all year round, then what kind of toner is really gentle? Recommend several effective moisturizing lotions!

Lancome Blue Water

Product efficacy: hydrating, softening, repairing


Recommended reason: This can be said to be their classic product, moisturizing soft and not allergic, atmospheric moisturizing and durable. Lancome Blue Toner can thoroughly cleanse the skin, give the skin moist, let the skin regain the original luster, and also help the absorption of the back care products better. After use, the skin becomes clean, refreshed, softer and smoother. Mixed oil in summer, mixed in winter; large oil field in T area in summer, dry to peel in winter T area. No acne but there are troubles such as closed blackheads.

Clarins Yellow Water Mild Lotion


In the top 10 global moisturizing water list, this toner is the best product in Clarins skin care products. It contains rich citrus and sunflower and heart leaf scorpion ingredients, which can deeply moisturize the skin, and it does not contain any alcohol or spice ingredients. Sensitive muscles can also be used without burdening the skin. Take care of it in the most gentle way.

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Flower Hydrating Toner


Efficacy: hydrating whitening shrink pores

Applicable people: all skin types





推荐理由:葡萄活性精华爽肤水(匈牙利女王水)是欧达利CAUDALIE广受欢迎的明星产品。它受到国内外主要媒体平台的广泛关注。它是世界顶级化妆师和名人超级模特的最爱。 Queens Water已经成为各个国家女性的必备单品。含有植物提取物,可用作控制皮肤和调亮皮肤的爽肤水。它也可以在粉底后使用,使妆容看起来更亮更持久。